“Jesus answered, “If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word. 

My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him.”

‭‭John‬ ‭14‬:‭23‬ ‭HCSB‬‬


  • Bible Study

    Exodus 1

    1. How does the book of Exodus open? What critical information does it give in the first

    few verses? How many descendants were there? What happened with these people?

    Why would the author feel the need to communicate this?

    2. What happens to the Israelite nation? What happens to the land?

    3. What does the text say about the new king? Why did this happen? What does he say to

    the people about the Israelites? Why is he afraid of the Israelites?

    4. How do the Egyptians hold the people back? Does it work? What happens instead?

    What does that tell us about meeting resistance in life?

    5. What does the king order the Hebrew midwives to do?

    6. How do the midwives respond? Who do they fear? Can we be allegiant to two

    authorities at the same time? Why or why not? What conditions must be met in order to

    have allegiance to two parties?

    7. What do the Hebrew midwives say to Pharaoh? Is this the truth?

    8. What does God do with the midwives? Is it okay to bend the truth from time to time?

    Why would it be okay in this instance, but it was not okay when Abraham told Pharaoh

    that Sarah was his sister?

    9. What does Pharaoh order to be done with the Hebrew boys? Who does he give this command to?


  • Bible Study Questions

    Exodus 2

    1. What family is the baby’s mother and father from? Why is that significant? When his

    mother gives birth to the boy, what is her reasoning for keeping him hidden? How long

    does she do this? Why could she no longer hide him? Why hasn’t the baby been named


    2. What does she do with the baby? Is this obedient to Pharaohs command? Why or why


    3. Who finds the baby? Why do they feel sorry for him? How would they know that this

    was one of the Hebrew boys? Who is waiting to see who finds the basket? What does

    she offer to do?

    4. Why is the baby named Moses?

    5. What happens when Moses sees the Egyptian beating a Hebrew slave? Why would he

    feel justified in how he handled this? Why wouldn’t he just tell the Egyptian to stop?

    6. What happens when Moses sees two Hebrew men fighting? What is their response?

    Why does this cause Moses to flee? What happens when Pharaoh finds out about his

    actions? Since Moses grew up in Pharaoh’s court, adopted from a slave family to royalty,

    why would Pharaoh act so harshly toward him?

    7. Where does Moses go? Who came to draw water for their father’s flock? How many of

    them are there? What happens when they get there? What does Moses do?

    8. How do the daughters describe Moses to their father? What does he do? Who does he

    give Moses as a wife?

    9. What happens after a long time? What is happening with the Israelites at this point in



  • Bible Study Questions

    Exodus 3

    1. Who is Jethro? What does Moses do for him? Where does this take Moses? How is the

    mountain described? Why would the text refer to the mountain with that specific term?

    2. Who appeared to Moses? What catches his attention? What makes this remarkable?

    3. Who calls out to Moses? What instructions are given? Why? Have similar instructions

    been given to other Old Testament heroes in Genesis?

    4. How does the voice describe Himself? What does Moses do?

    5. Why is The LORD going to help the Israelites? What does that tell us about our

    problems in life? What does that tell us about the power of bringing our cries before The

    LORD? Would He have seen their misery even without them crying out?

    6. What does God tell Moses He is going to do? How does Moses respond?

    7. How does God comfort Moses in his doubts? Where will the people worship God when

    they are freed?

    8. How does Moses respond to this? What does God response tell us about Him? Why

    would God want to be remembered this way in every generation?

    9. Who is Moses supposed to gather? Why would he start there? What does God promise?

    10. What does God say about the king of Egypt? Why would He still continue on with the

    mission even though He knows there will be resistance? Why didn’t God just remove the

    king of Egypt from his position of power?